Welcome to the Apollo exporter!

The Apollo exporter is a free service to export an up-to-date Excel document of all transactions for your wallet address that can then be imported into crypto tax programs such as Koinly.

This is a personal, non-commercial side-project. If you would like to support the addition of more coins, feel free to donate to the further development of the tool via my Starname *apollo!

Note: Osmosis / OSMO will not be supported, as mintscan.io does not support epoch LP reward transactions! Go see our friends at stake.tax instead!

Select your coin

Input your wallet address

Generating Transaction list...

Your transaction list is being created. Please be patient, as this process might take a few minutes depending on the number of transactions your wallet has.

Thank you for using the Apollo exporter!

Check your local download folder or browser downloads for the transaction list file!

Please be aware that if you are using a tool other than Koinly, you might have to manually alter some column names or field formats.

You can subscribe to our email list to receive future notifications on coin integrations, or other new features. Feel free to donate to the development of the project if you are happy with the results. You can also see our roadmap, and vote on future coin integrations or features.

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